Art project on recycled skateboards. Art statement and process shots below. This personal project encapsulates what I'm passionate about: Skating, nature, and place-based art. 

Aerosol and acrylic paint on recycled skateboard decks

In our ever-accelerating social reality, slowing down is a radical act. And a necessary one, if we want to reclaim the power to be present and make sense of the world around us. Our human brains are increasingly unable to retain information and form memories:

Task-switching scrambles our attention
Lack of rest prevents long-term memory formation
The more we try to cram in, the less likely it is we will remember any of it

So, slow down and reclaim your own speed. Explore the world around you and get to know your neighbors. When we move at the speed of our own bodies, we move as people, not consumers. Best of all, we remember.
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